About Me:

I am a tech enthusiast with experience in leading network and information management projects, who enjoys music production, photography, and video editing as hobbies. I am looking for friendship, inspiration for the future, and hoping to inspire you too.

My main social network is Facebook where I can be found at http://www.facebook.com/vehpus.

Most of my public posts are available on Twitter: @vehpus. Feel free to follow. I follow and post on Information Technology and the era is of user generated content,as well as other personal interests.

I am also writing a professional blog in Tumblrhttp://vehpus.tumblr.com/.

For more on my music, video, and photography, make sure you check out Mo-Shack Studio on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/moshackstudios), Tumblr (http://moshackstudios.tumblr.com) and Twitter (@MoShackStudios).

For more professional info and my CV, look me up on Linkedinhttp://il.linkedin.com/in/vehpus


About this blog:

This blog is my first serious experiment in writing regularly, and will discuss topics I find interesting, such as technology, computers, gaming and cognition. Who knows – I don’t want to limit myself, but I promise not to spread to too many topics :).


Before we begin, I’ll be frank with you – there are too many sites out there, and I don’t like overworking myself (since blogging isn’t my main job). I already started blogging on tumblr, and find it to be a very easy platform for sharing.


I do however like to try out as many sites as possible, as well as make myself available to whomever is interested (as I assume reading blog isn’t your main profession as well :).


So to make things simpler for you, I opened a wordpress account, but I can’t say I like it better than tumblr. So what I’ll do instead of double posting is link the two blogs using a nifty site called ifttt.com. Hopefully, this will make my work easier, as well as let you see my posts on the platform of your choice. If this really bothers you because you like  what I write, let me know and I’ll switch, but otherwise, just enjoy the content – I’ll make sure it appears as best as possible :).


Click the image below to see the blog in its original location. Read the introduction post to understand why I chose the hedgehog.




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