Turning the Sour Sweet

Turning the Sour Sweet:

Sorry in advanced – the link’s written in Hebrew. Since most of you won’t be able to read it without Google Translate, and machine translation isn’t exactly something I’d put my trust in, here’s the general idea: technological advances in our homes should, in the foreseeable future, make more “working dads”. This will happen by enhancing day-to-day technology, like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and micros, to make daily chores more engaging. The article suggests integrating gamification, social network integration and general web connectivity to achieve this goal.

To sum up his idea in one phrase – the idea is that in the upcoming years, annoying tasks are going to become more fun.

This is a concept I love and try to share as much as possible. Try to look at a task, a service, a requirement one way and re-purpose it in a way that gives it additional value. Making a game out of cleaning clothes, or streamlining  shopping and cooking with other tasks will make them easier to do and allow us to enjoy more parts of our lives, if applied correctly.

This is just another demonstration of the impact technology can have on our lies. I hope that the writer’s hopes will indeed come true – that future technology will strive to make all of our lives better by both making direct progress and improving what’s already here.  

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