Groundbreaking Technology and Services – Based on Gaming Innovations

Groundbreaking Technology and Services – Based on Gaming Innovations:

Before I even begin, you HAVE to see this video, if you haven’t allready (more here). 

Allow me to ignore the obvious fact that this is an awesome feat technologically speaking – I see no discussion there. What I love about what Johnny Chung Lee did there, and in the other link I added,  is that he took gaming technology and demonstrated how it could be made into new technology – some of which can even be applied outside of gaming. 

I think this is a prime example of a general trend in the past years – with games becoming more popular and widespread, their technology is becoming comparable, and even more advanced, than day-to-day technology in terms of ingeniouity, interface, and productivity.

The webpage I linked is an example of that in one of the most active technological frontiers these days – cloud computing. What you see is an amazing product in itself – a cloud service that can provide you, as long as you have the addequate connectivity requirement, a fully functional windows environment with cloud storage from ANY device (Macs, iPads, Android devices…). As a person whose main reason to buy a laptop rather than an iPad was the iPad’s lack of Microsoft office and proper multitasking, this can allow me to enjoy the best of both worlds. And by processing all the data on the cloud, it shouldn’t be too heavy on my mobile device.

But here’s the punch – this solution was not originally designed for work (or at the very least, it’s not the company’s direct pitch). Notice that the link is not to the company’s website ( but rather to its desktop product. Go to and you’ll discover a cloud-based gaming platform – same pitch, only now the processing power is much more important. This could allow you, assuming the proper gesture translation is applied, to play any PC game on your iPad’s processor (which still can’t compare to a PC of Mac)!

With developments in gaming influencing technology so directly, innovation is bound to soar in the upcoming years – originality is the very idea behind great games.

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