This picture is of a man who just sexually harrassed the woman…

This picture is of a man who just sexually harrassed the woman taking the picture. Rather than just take it, run away, cry to herself or even a friend, she began shouting at the guy in the middle of the street, took out her smartphone, took his picture, uploaded it to facebook and began sharing it. I have no clue who she is, but I’m sharing it now. The message is spreading!

On the tech-geek side, I just love that people can just do that now – see something they don’t like in their society and manage to have an impact, even if only through sharing. Who would’ve heard her story before facebook? This trend is very noticeable in Israel – people posting about misconduct of police officers, personal stories such as these etc’. As long as people don’t share automatically and engage with what they see and read, I believe this trend can only be beneficial.

On the personal side – I want to say GOOD FOR HER. I think that for sexual harrassment of any kind not to exist people need to react and bring their harrasers to judgment personally, and not hide behind laws. As inconvenient, hard or even traumatic as it may be, letting it pass will leave a mark for life.

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