Musings on photography

Musings on photography:

I’ve always liked taking photographs (to the point I’d carry around a camera to school and take pictures of the classroom boards rather than copying notes). In the end of 2010 I bought a DSLR and started toying around with it. Then I took a photography class in early 2011, and kept on going from there.

I’ve been unable however to take photographs for a while, though, due to a personal illness. I’m better now, and today I got a chance to learn another photography skill, during a workshop I took part in today on high speed photography.

But this is not a photography blog. I post my works elsewhere. What I wanted to share is another story for today, that linked nicely.

Before the workshop, I was at work. Returning from a morning meeting to the office, I decided to take a coffee break in our buildings coffee booth. Wanting to take some time off, I started up a conversation with the guy who ran the booth, who served as a barkeep of sorts – serving drinks and starting up a conversation.

I don’t remember how but our conversation got to photography. The guy also enjoys it and we got to a cool discussion on our different works. Eventually, the discussion got around to photography’s part in our lives: neither of us saw it as a future carreer, despite having put a lot of money and time. You could call it art for art’s sake, but neither of us felt that way.

Instead, we got to an agreement that photography was a tool for self expression and a prism through which we looked at the world. Becoming proficient in photography allowed us both to preserve moments in our lives the way we want them too rather than the way our memories or others preserve them, as well as look for beauty in everyday lives, as framing pictures from what we see becomes a habit.

To me, this was a nice realization – I fealt like I was finally able to explain to others, but mainly to myself, what was the source for my passion with photography. I believe that matters a lot – knowing what I want from an activity or technology is what allows me to use it best, as well as invest in the right things. This is the reason I care for versatility enough to try a lot of equipment, but know the limit of quality I’m shooting for.

Hopefully, the skills I learnt in the high speed photography workshop will allow me to expand my horizons as a photographer, but also as a person. The skill is there, and once I better refine how to use it, I’ll buy the appropriate tools. What’s lovely is how many options we have these days to express ourselves in many methods technologies and mediums.

**The blog linked in the title is written by the workshop’s instructor – I highly recommend it!

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