Missing out on the purpose

Missing out on the purpose:

I’ve heard about Google’s “social search” a few days ago, and, while I wasn’t impressed, it didn’t bother me to much. I didn’t see much use to the tool, and having Google turned to Hebrew by default due to localisation, I didn’t get to use it. I heard people didn’t like it, but didn’t form an opinion. I can’t say that I can say I already do.

What I read in the linked article, however, concerns me, and seems to agree with my world view on internet services.

The article has a very simple complaint – when I make a Google search, I don’t look necessarily for social results. Sure, they can be relevant (finding Facebook’s CEO’s Facebook account was an example given in the article) but they don’t rank higher than my regular searches. Frankly, if I am looking for social searches, I search the social service itself – acebook, Twitter, as well as Google+ have great search functions that display post results. Considering the “social results” only display results from one social network (you guessed it – Google+), the new function is a huge miss. Let’s ignore for a second that the same function exists within Google+ – the purpose of the main search tool in Google is not to find social results – which is exactly what the article linked argues.

I won’t go on a rant on purpose like in the Matrix, and frankly I discuss it throughout the blog, but I think it’s clear that missing out on the reason your tool is great is just a huge misstep. But rather than cut the tool short (as is usually the case with problematic tools), I’d suggest another thing – add a social tab to google, like the image and video tab, and begin integrating more networks and services (like the great real time tool – a real gem, that closed for no decent reason).

In any case, only time will tell what will become of this tool. I hope it won’t remain in it’s current state for too long.

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