Google is already teaching itself voice recognition

Google is already teaching itself voice recognition:

If you read this article, you’ll notice it’s mostly about google’s voice recognition becoming international. Cool stuff, honestly, but you can’t learn or contribute to that too easily – you know a finite number of languages, and it’s much too hard to learn voice processing algorithms by yourself.

But then if you’ll read closer, you’ll notice a paragraph discussing the algorithm itself. Specifically, it says there that “As word spreads and millions of Koreans, Indians or Russians, for example, discover they can Google with just their voices, the model actually starts training itself, through what Cohen calls “unsupervised learning.””.

If you’ve ever used voice recognition software, you’ll know that you always need to train it before using it. What this article is basically saying is that Google has found a learning algorithm that can put an end to this madness!

Two more points:

  • My guess is the voice recognition data is far more valuable than search. If you ask me, rather then have it be a tool to further searches on their site, google might just start selling the recognition data to companies interested in international voice recognition.
  • I’m kind of dissapointed by one part of the localisation process google is using for this project. Not that flying around to interview thousands of people in the native toungue isn’t cool, but why not try doing it digitally first. Obviously betas for searches would work badly because they won’t be impressive and because you won’t gather the data, but then what I’d do is build a game that makes users say what you need them to say. Not only would it be completely original (I don’t know any game that you can interact with by voice as a main feature yet), it could easily gather an audience if made the right way (and given for free, off course).

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