Using Crowdsourcing Technologies to Research Crowdsourcing

Using Crowdsourcing Technologies to Research Crowdsourcing:

Ever since I began to take an interest in crowdsourcing as a self appointed research subject, I’m just seeing ideas pop up everywhere. Today I found an article that lists at least ten examples of how ordinary people, when properly coordinated, lead to giant leaps in scientific research, due to the ability to process a huge amount of data in ways that computers aren’t able to, and perhaps never will. It is a true testament to the power of humans working together.

Today this inherent capability of croudsourcing is apparently used to research the phenomenon itself. The article linked to this post describes an ongoing experiment run using Amazons Mecanical Turk platform, which allows any individual to either crowdsource a task or to perform others’ tasks.

The experiment tried to simulate a newsroom process using “Turks” (the crowdsouced workers) in research and editing positions. The whole task is coordinated using a computer algorithm. However rather then try to develop this as a business, the people behind the experiment are trying to better define the potential merits and limitations of the method itself.

I think this whole trend is facinating – I just hope that by the time I try to join it I’ll have something worthwhile to contribute :).

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One Response to “Using Crowdsourcing Technologies to Research Crowdsourcing”

  1. happyspacesproject Says:

    I really enjoyed your post, as crowdsourcing is something I am thinking a lot about lately. I thought you might be interested in a project I am currently working on, it is called the happy spaces project and through user submissions we are building a resource database of spaces that facilitate happiness. The blog: Would love if you checked it out, and maybe even participated by contributing a space, perhaps it has to do with the ideas of crowd sourcing and the internet you are writing about.

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